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Binh Thanh. Nguyen <binh.nguyen.uw@...>

Hello Robert,

Thank you very much for your feedback.

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"Binh Thanh. Nguyen" <binh.nguyen.uw@...> writes:

Hello all,

I am trying to add support healthcheck for Renesas iwg20m board into
[1]. My current healthcheck is just simply boot up the board (no
deploy and test definition).
And I still meet one issue with that booting action. The issue is
whenever I run healthcheck, It always run soft-reboot and failed.
'reboot' command is just supported after booting board. So if I booted
the board first, then run the healthcheck, it will pass.

Anyone have advices for me?

I've seen errors on the soft reboot with the beagle bone black which go away
the next time it is run. Have you tried this more than once - does it
consistently fail?
Yes, at that moment, it consistently failed.
Thanks for your reminding the healthcheck of BBB. I checked how BBB run healthcheck and found that I need to make a script similar to
I attach two patches (following three previous patches) to fix the soft reboot issue on Renesas board.
The patches are just for your reference , I will re-create full series of patches after finish all remained works + test.
Next steps is to add deploy and test action into healthcheck. I will follow your recommend to use local kernel image built in VM

Best regards,
Binh Nguyen

Thanks for the patches

I've always run HC tests with the BB black on an already booted board, do you
need to do any preparation to get the health check to run in this case?


Please find my patches to apply for [1] in attached files.


Below is the log:

start: 0 validate
device may need manual intervention to reboot validate duration: 0.00
start: 1 uboot-action (max 120s)
start: 1.1 uboot-prepare-kernel (max 120s) uboot-prepare-kernel
duration: 0.00
start: 1.2 uboot-from-media (max 120s) uboot-from-media duration: 0.00
start: 1.3 uboot-overlay (max 120s)
Parsed boot commands: setenv autoload no; setenv initrd_high
'0xffffffff'; setenv fdt_high '0xffffffff'; setenv bootargs
'console=ttySC0,115200n8 vmalloc=384M root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 '; setenv
loadkernel 'fatload mmc 2:1 0x40007fc0 uImage'; setenv loadfdt
'fatload mmc 2:1 0x40f00000 r8a7743-iwg20m.dtb'; setenv bootcmd 'run
loadkernel; run loadfdt; bootm 0x40007fc0 - 0x40f00000'; run bootcmd
uboot-overlay duration: 0.00
start: 1.4 connect-device (max 120s)
connect-device Connecting to device using 'telnet localhost 8020'
connect-device duration: 0.00
start: 1.5 uboot-retry (max 120s)
start: 1.5.1 reboot-device (max 120s)
start: soft-reboot (max 120s)
reboot -n
reboot -n
reboot -n -f
reboot -n -f
soft-reboot: Wait for prompt Restarting system. 120 seconds Trying ::1...
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
ser2net port 8020 device /dev/ttyUSB0 [115200 N81] (Debian GNU/Linux)
case: soft-reboot
definition: lava
result: fail
duration: 120.000326157
extra: ...
soft-reboot timed out after 120 seconds soft-reboot timed out after
120 seconds uboot-retry failed: 1 of 2 attempts. 'soft-reboot timed
out after 120 seconds'
start: 1.5.1 reboot-device (max 120s)
start: soft-reboot (max 120s)

Best regards,
Binh Nguyen

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