Re: [PATCH v2 4.19.y-cip 00/22] Renesas RZ/G2E USB Type-C Backport

Pavel Machek


This is the second version of USB Type-C backport of RZ/G2E board, named
Silicon Linux EK874. The first version was reviewed by Pavel Machek. All
the modifications included in v2 were recommended by him.

This patchset revolves around the following patch set from upstream:

Unfortunately, the driver is using a slightly different version of the USB
API. In upstream, the connection between the fwnode of the USB controller
device tree node, that is the connector device tree node, and the USB
peripheral device tree node is nicely done via some new function calls that
are basically some extensions to the graph traverse and graph discovery
methods for the device tree parser. This is needed for role switch feature.

I tried to create the minimum set for the USB API extension and it should
not affect at all the current behavior. All the modifications are additions
and some rewritings of some of the current functions.

I also backported some fixes where I have found them.
Series looks good to me. I submitted it to the test system:

If it passes and there are no other comments, I'll apply it.

Thanks and best regards,
(cesky, pictures)

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