4.19.106-cip21-rt8 problems on de0-nano

Pavel Machek


I pushed candidate for -cip-rt, but it seems to fail on de0-nano
board. Code under testing is at:


So far testing fails, I did few steps to narrow it down.

? 0f2960c75dd68d339f0aff2935f51652b5625fbf 4.19.106-rt44
? 68541faf398c02bfa6a65ffcf4484e71b8e0306d v4.19.103-cip20.
ok 122663369 c7691f9c497d0f8393724875a8875b61daa9fc29 v4.19.100-rt41.
? b7f7a3d15716de6d78b6d4807e23fa46de106c2f v4.19.103-rt42.
ok 122667425 51184ac81b2de92545a3b9d330d4d53a176e0976 v4.19.104-rt43.
bad 122671461 f019fe97731d222ee59ac8e54a62753e9c69ef31 v4.19.106-rt44.
bad 122657523 881b771ab11616e2aab6e914d950467f7c8914bd v4.19.106-cip21.

So it seems failure was introduced between v4.19.104-rt43 and
v4.19.106-rt44. Unfortunately, I don't understand the logs enough to
know what the real failure is. If someone can help...

I'll proceed to narrow it down.

Best regards,
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