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Bhola, Bikram <Bikram_Bhola@...>

Hi Jan and All,,

We are working on it.

Looks like we have a slow network in last few days in our lab that results in rootfs download timeout failure. Time being we need to increase the current timeout from 15 mins to 30 mins for safer side (its failing in between 90% completion). Meantime I am working with our network team to diagnose the slowness.

Thank You!!


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On 09.03.20 11:21, Pavel Machek wrote:

I pushed candidate for -cip-rt, but it seems to fail on de0-nano
board. Code under testing is at:
It is pipeline

I'll reuse the branch for more testing.
I managed to narrow the bad commit to the -rt tree, between:

OK 122904930 pick 69aa73357e6a rcu: Don't allow to change
rcu_normal_after_boot on RT pick 849ef8789077 pci/switchtec: fix
stream_open.cocci warnings pick ad8a5e8279c4 sched/core: Drop a
preempt_disable_rt() statement pick 966f066d96cb timers: Redo the
notification of canceling timers on -RT pick 0393fd5a4f9a Revert "futex: Ensure lock/unlock symetry versus pi_lock and hash bucket lock"
pick 84eb0b64a27a Revert "futex: Fix bug on when a requeued RT task times out"
pick fcc893280f4e Revert "rtmutex: Handle the various new futex race conditions"
pick 2eac93cf9d16 Revert "futex: workaround migrate_disable/enable in different context"
pick 9b8964629f4f futex: Make the futex_hash_bucket lock raw pick
cc1812bf198b futex: Delay deallocation of pi_state
pick f5e115c43100 mm/zswap: Do not disable preemption in
pick e0d0d09a08ad revert-aio
pick a0a40bfb4300 fs/aio: simple simple work pick 0fae581d8c5e
revert-thermal pick c0d95b4a8a1b thermal: Defer thermal wakups to
threads pick 700fbb4afb6e revert-block pick 4cda50ff12cf block:
blk-mq: move blk_queue_usage_counter_release() into process context
pick 9e982f55745b workqueue: rework pick c0db53dc3bf4 i2c: exynos5:
Remove IRQF_ONESHOT pick 1f160d170203 i2c: hix5hd2: Remove
IRQF_ONESHOT BAD 122882826 eae5a7cab722 sched/deadline: Ensure
inactive_timer runs in hardirq context
And something went seriously wrong after these tests. I submitted
same tree twice, and got different results.

First this -- de0-nano succeeds:

Now this -- de0-nano fails (and ipc227e is unfinished for long time):

I'll need some help here.
The logs read like the targets are not (always) coming up, e.g.
Yes... I don't need that target, but I need de0-nano... and it did not
work last time I checked.
Bikram, could someone on your side check the board status in the Mentor lab? Thanks!

On a related note... it would be good to somehow show difference
between "kernel test failure" and "target failure".

If we see bootloader in the logs, and then test fails/timeouts =>
"kernel test failure", I need to solve it.

If we don't get messages from the bootloader => "target failure",
someone needs to check the power relays or something...
I'm not happy about the parsability of those LAVA logs either, but I have no idea if/how that can be improved best. Maybe Quirin has some idea based on his work with them.


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