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Bhola, Bikram <Bikram_Bhola@...>

Hi Pavel,

All these random failures are happening because of the slowness in network.
Because of the COVID-19 situation and in preparation of all employees to work from home office, Our IT team was doing some experiments/setup by reserving some network bandwidth. That caused the slowness in network and the timeout.

The board is connected through network cable. If Root filesystems (etc) are not changing too often, it totally make sense to do rsync to pull additional changes if any. We will give it a try on that.

I saw all of the jobs started working fine today again for both 127E and 227E board. But we may see these random failures as IT told to have these network thing will settle in another day or two.

Sorry for the trouble and thank you for being patient.


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Both de0-nano and IPC227E targets are up and running. I have monitored for test jobs on it and those completed successfully.

Thank You!!
There's still something broken with the testing. renesas_shmobile
initially failed (okay after restart), rest failed:

Going through the logs:

progress 90% (81MB)
progress 95% (86MB)
progress 100% (90MB)
90MB downloaded in 383.03s (0.24MB/s)
end: 1.3.1 http-download (duration 00:06:23) [common]
case: http-download
case_id: 403737
definition: lava
duration: 383.03
extra: ...
level: 1.3.1
namespace: common
result: pass
tftp-deploy timed out after 1283 seconds
end: 1.3 download-retry (duration 00:06:24) [common

You are not trying to do tftp over WAN, are you?

Seeing the download speeds... would it make sense to do downloads with rsync? Root filesystems (etc) are not changing too often, so that should provide some speedups.

Best regards,
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