Re: Please check health for renesas board on LAVA

Chris Paterson

Hello Iwamatsu-san,

Sent: 18 March 2020 05:42

Hi Chris,

Some Renesas boards look like down[0].
Therefore, testing with gitlab has not been completed.
Yes, sorry. There is an issue with one of the USB hubs.
However we're all working from home at the moment so it's not easy for me to get physical access.

As a temporary measure yesterday I removed the problematic boards from our CI pipelines, so hopefully going forward we should be okay.
The offline boards were additional non CIP reference platforms, so our CI will still be testing what needs to be tested.

This adds to my point that we need to spread reference platforms over more then one location 😊

Kind regards, Chris

Could you check it?

Best regards,


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