Re: realtime on de0-nano bisection

Chris Paterson

Hi Pavel,

From: Pavel Machek <>
Sent: 19 March 2020 21:24


From: cip-dev <> On Behalf Of Chris
Sent: 19 March 2020 11:23

Hello Pavel,

From: Pavel Machek <>
Sent: 19 March 2020 11:05
like tests are unreliable (and even my basic assumptions may be worth

Can you help? I'll be away from console for a few hours now.
I'll get bisecting.
Last 'good' patch is: 2089f853a8c3 ("drm/i915: disable tracing on
The first 'bad' path is: c82fe0af5e58 ("drm/i915: skip

Don't ask me why c82fe0af5e58 causes a boot issue on the de0-nano
board but at least it's a starting point for you.

When bisection finds a commit touching code that you're not even
building, the answer should not be "don't ask me why" but "this is not
a reproducible bug".
That's my job, I guess. I asked for bisect and got bisect
(thanks!). And yes, I have to agree:

In the meantime:

So yes, it seems this is not reproducible. Is it easy to make the test
run .. say 5 times?
Just repeat the test case name 5 times in the gitlab-ci file.

Regards, Chris

I'm starting to suspect

pick fc9f4631a290 irqwork: push most work into softirq context

Best regards,
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