Re: Python 3.x vs 2.7

Jan Kiszka

On 03.04.20 23:47, Pavel Machek wrote:

FYI, unfortunately we couldn't find the alternative package for system backup. The duplicity is the best package for us from the license and num of dependencies point of view.
See the following.
Encryption: Yes
Schedule backup: No
Incremental backup: Yes
License: GPL v2
Dependencies count (aprox): 80
I'm not sure what your exact requirements are, but have you considered
"tar"? It should be possible to pipe its output to aespipe (and
possibly other tools) to get encryption, and it should be able to do
incremental backups...
I suppose there is that concern about GPLv3 again (as with broadly used rsync) - which is generally overrated. There exists legal views that already GPLv2 requires to keep such licensed components replaceable on the target. What then effectively remains with v3 is its, well, wording complexity.


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