Re: Migration complete - Re: Mailman2 to reminder


Pavel Machek <pavel@...> writes:


The migration is complete.

You should receive an email shortly asking you to log in with your email
address and set a password.

One important note, please do NOT unsubscribe from the "main" list. This
would unsubscribe you from all of the CIP lists. "main" is an
administrative list used by as a parent list to manage the other
lists. Please let me know if you have any questions or issues.
And we have first problem.

They seem to add this kind of trailer to the messages, breaking GPG
signatures :-(.

(I won't quote full trailer as it seems to contain some secrets?)
I wonder if it's possible to turn these off by the admin.

Also, another thing to test is the impact of the footer on applying
patches sent via email (git am / git apply).

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