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Hi, Chris-san,


Sure, please rest at ease, and stay safe. See you next week.


Best regards,


M. Kudo


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Hello Kudo-san,

Please accept my apologies for today's meeting as I am on leave this week.

No major updates to report from the testing working group.

Kind regards, Chris

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Hi all,

Kindly be reminded to attend the weekly meeting through IRC to discuss technical topics with CIP kernel today.

*Please note that the IRC meeting was rescheduled to UTC (GMT) 09:00 starting from the first week of Apr. according to TSC meeting*

USWest  USEast  UK      DE      TW      JP
02:00   05:00   10:00   11:00   17:00   18:00


Last meeting minutes:


* Action item
1. Combine root filesystem with kselftest binary - Iwamatsu-san
2. Strengthen sustainable process to backport patches from Mainline/LTS - Kernel Team
 2-1. Workflow for identifying important fixes, backporting, and reviewing them
 2-2. Prepare the tools to be used for this workflow
 2-3. Get practice in backporting patches
3. Upload a guideline for reference hardware platform addition - masashi910
4. Identify target boards and configs for RT kernel testing (4.4rt and 4.19rt) - masashi910
5. Clarify the requirement about system-backup - Yoshida-san

* Kernel maintenance updates
* Kernel testing
* CIP Core
* Software update
* CIP Security

The meeting will take 30 min, although it can be extended to an hour if it makes sense and those involved in the topics can stay. Otherwise, the topic will be taken offline or in the next meeting.

Best regards,
M. Kudo
Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd.

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