Re: [PATCH 1/2] dt-bindings: display: Add idk-1110wr binding

Lad Prabhakar

Hi Pavel,

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Add binding for the idk-1110wr LVDS panel from Advantech.

Some panel-specific documentation can be found here:

This patch is based on commit d26087162857b12bd9d0424f2dea2cd9654e50a0
upstream ("dt-bindings: display: Add idk-1110wr binding") which adds yaml

Signed-off-by: Lad Prabhakar <prabhakar.mahadev-lad.rj@...>
Okay. In future, I believe we can take yaml binding, even for kernel
where yaml support is not included. The markup is designed to be
human-readable anyway.
Thanks I shall do that in future. Just for reference in case a yaml binding has a reference to other yaml binding so should there be a patch for converting to yaml format (for example panel.txt -> panel.yaml) ?


Best regards,

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