Re: Maintenance policies and early considerations III

Daniel Sangorrin <daniel.sangorrin@...>

Hi Agustin,

Sorry for the late reply.

+++ Request to members from maintainer

During the meeting Ben requested CIP members to provide him some
guidelines or policies currently followed to choose security patches.
This information will hopefully provide some light that help maintainers
to define some basic policies for choosing security fixes. This policies
need to be tested over time.

Due to the length of the maintenance period, it is unlikely that the
same person/team maintain the kernel for the entire life cycle so the
main policies at least need to be left written.
I think that one possible guideline for backporting security patches to the CIP kernel
is to look at kernel CVEs [1]. A table (probably only accessible by members)
indicating whether a CIP kernel is vulnerable or not to a CVE would be of great help.

Another source of bug/security fixes will be the PREEMPT RT patch. We will probably
need to check whether bugs found in new versions are properly backported to our
CIP kernels.
# I see that Ben is already doing this! [2]

Finally, we may need to decide how to disclosure bugs that we may find ourselves
while testing the CIP kernels. I guess we will need to make sure that all members are
ready for the disclosure.

Best regards


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