Re: [PATCH v2 v4.4.y-cip] ARM: dts: iwg20d-q7-common: Add LCD support

Fabrizio Castro

Hi Pavel,

thank you for your feedback!

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Subject: Re: [cip-dev] [PATCH v2 v4.4.y-cip] ARM: dts: iwg20d-q7-common: Add
LCD support


SIMPLE_PANEL is not enabled in
4.4.y-cip/arm/renesas_shmobile_defconfig , and it seems to be driver
relevant to this panel.
This seems to be a problem. DRM_PANEL_SIMPLE depends on DRM_PANEL,
but DRM_PANEL is not user selectable, it needs to be selected by another
In upstream, commit:

modified the LVDS driver to use the panel API to delegate panel handling,
than parsing the DT manually, and of course in the same context Kconfig is
modified to select DRM_PANEL.

I think we should have another look at this, do you guys think it's possible to
this patch?
It is possible to drop the patch and force push before new commits are
added on top. It is also possible to queue a revert at any later time.

OTOH if the patch is not wrong, just needs another patch to be useful,
I'd keep it.

Adding prompt to Kconfig so that it can be enabled manually should not
be too hard to do.
Thank you for laying down all of the options for me. Since you are open
to a revert patch, I think we'll have another look at this at a later stage,
fixes will follow.


Best regards,
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