Re: [PATCH 4.4.y-cip v3 00/14] PM / OPP v2 & cpufreq backports part 1

Pavel Machek


This is v3 of the part 1 of MOXA's PM / OPP / cpufreq backport series.
Changes since v2:

- Squashed "PM / OPP: Fix parsing of opp-microvolt and opp-microamp
properties" into "PM / OPP: Parse 'opp-<prop>-<name>' bindings"

Changes since v1:

- Added missing SoB and upstream commit hash for "PM / OPP: Set
cpu_dev->id in cpumask first"
Thanks! I have applied the series, will run some basic tests and push
the results if they work okay.

Best regards,
DENX Software Engineering GmbH, Managing Director: Wolfgang Denk
HRB 165235 Munich, Office: Kirchenstr.5, D-82194 Groebenzell, Germany

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