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Akihiro Suzuki

Hi Mohammed,


Thank you very much for your offer!

I’m Akihiro Suzuki, a chair of SW Updates WG.


Currently, we are using BeagleBone Black (BBB) for developing our initial software update mechanism.

Of course we plan to port it to other reference hardware, but it is not done at the moment.

So, could you prepare BBB for the development?


Even if you can’t prepare it, you may work on the task you are interested in because it is not a hardware-specific.

The task aims to connect between client (SWUpdate) and server (hawkBit) via HTTPS.


Best regards,



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Hi, Mohammed-san,


Thanks very much for watching the talk, and welcome to cip-dev!


Regarding SW Update WG, the followings are the their wiki pages.


Also, SW Update WG reports the latest status at IRC meetings which start at UTC (GMT) 09:00 every Thursday. Notifications of the meetings are sent 6-9 hours before the meetings.


Hope it helps.


Best regards,


M. Kudo


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I joined the mailing list from the recommendation on the IRC channel (after viewing the CIP talk at ELC). I'd like to work on the following issue:


I've written applications + drivers for u-boot, have worked on SSL (albeit for Amazon FreeRTOS), and have HW handy to hit the ground running (I have a DE1-SoC).


Is there any update on this task that should I be aware of?


Looking forward to contributing to this project!


Mohammed A Billoo




Mohammed Billoo

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