Re: v4.19-rt status

Pavel Machek


Newest 4.19-rt kernel is currently v4.19.127-rt54. That's not good
match for us, as -cip kernels are v4.19.128-cip28 and v4.19.130-cip29.

I could do kernel based on v4.19.127-rt54 and v4.19.124-cip27, but I
believe it makes more sense to wait for newer v4.19-rt release.
Still no new -rt release.

In April, Tom Zanussi took over 4.19-rt releases:

Apr 20 Linux 4.19.115-rt49
Apr 28 Linux 4.19.115-rt50
May 3 Linux 4.19.116-rt51
May 4 Linux 4.19.120-rt52
May 20 Linux 4.19.124-rt53
Jun 7 Linux 4.19.127-rt54
Jun 10 Linux 4.19.127-rt55

Based on past releases, I'd expect new -rt release real soon
now. Hmm. I guess easiest option is to just ask Tom ;-)... and I did

Best regards,
(cesky, pictures)

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