Re: [PATCH 4.19.y-cip 1/2] ASoC: rsnd: fixup SSI clock during suspend/resume modes

Pavel Machek


commit 624d1a7cd8991e33dad96ab4629a52c412540e65 upstream.

Prepare <-> Cleanup functions pair has balanced calls.
But in case of suspend mode no call to rsnd_soc_dai_shutdown()
function, so cleanup isn't called. OTOH during resume mode
function rsnd_soc_dai_prepare() is called, but calling
rsnd_ssi_prepare() is skipped (rsnd_status_update() returns zero,
bacause was not cleanup before).
We need to call rsnd_ssi_prepare(), because it enables SSI clocks
by calling rsnd_ssi_master_clk_start().

This patch allows to call prepare/cleanup functions always.
Ok, this is "interesting". It has something to do with rsnd_dai_call()

You really should not be programming drivers in preprocessor like

OTOH patch is simple enough, and only affects "your" code, so ... I'll
apply it if there are no other comments.

#define __rsnd_mod_shift_hw_params 28 /* always called */
#define __rsnd_mod_shift_pointer 28 /* always called */
+#define __rsnd_mod_shift_prepare 28 /* always called */
+#define __rsnd_mod_shift_cleanup 28 /* always called */

#define __rsnd_mod_add_probe 0
#define __rsnd_mod_add_remove 0
-#define __rsnd_mod_add_prepare 1
-#define __rsnd_mod_add_cleanup -1
+#define __rsnd_mod_add_prepare 0
+#define __rsnd_mod_add_cleanup 0
#define __rsnd_mod_add_init 1
#define __rsnd_mod_add_quit -1
#define __rsnd_mod_add_start 1
@@ -365,7 +365,7 @@ struct rsnd_mod {
#define __rsnd_mod_call_probe 0
#define __rsnd_mod_call_remove 0
#define __rsnd_mod_call_prepare 0
-#define __rsnd_mod_call_cleanup 1
+#define __rsnd_mod_call_cleanup 0
#define __rsnd_mod_call_init 0
#define __rsnd_mod_call_quit 1
#define __rsnd_mod_call_start 0
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