Re: [PATCH 4.19.y-cip 2/2] arm64: defconfig: Enable additional support for Renesas platforms

Pavel Machek


On Mon 2020-07-20 18:52:23, Biju Das wrote:
From: Geert Uytterhoeven <geert+renesas@...>

commit bf9e333ec0d54f7428d9192ad403c3cb523584c7 upstream

Increase build and test coverage by enabling support for more hardware
present on Renesas SoCs and boards:
- R-Car CAN and CAN-FD controllers,
Ok, I can apply this if there are no comments.
Both patches seem to be okay to me.
I will push to repository if there is no problem in our test.
I see it is already pushed, thank you!

Biju, the first patch seems like a bugfix suitable for -stable. Can
you send it to Greg (etc) for inclusion?

Best regards,

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