Re: Resource describing the Deby workflow?

Akihiro Suzuki

Hi Mohammed,


Are you using isar-cip-core, not Deby, to create the rootfs for BBB, right?

If you use isar-cip-core and its cip-sw-updates/swupdate branch,

you can add Debian packages by adding package names to DEBIAN_DEPENDS

used at isar-cip-core/recipes-core/customizations/


e.g.) add ntp package to the rootfs


     ifupdown, isc-dhcp-client, net-tools, iputils-ping, ssh, sshd-regen-keys, \

-    rt-tests, stress-ng"

+    rt-tests, stress-ng, ntp"


Then, you can customize the rootfs at isar-cip-core/recipes-core/images/

Keep in mind to change from do_rootfs_append() to ROOTFS_FEATURES, ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND and some function name like the following:

The above function (rootfs_put_swupdate_setting()) adds setting to mount the rootfs as RO.

Actually this function was not executed until recently.

This was resolved by, but it hasn’t been merged to the master yet.


BTW, if you want to use NTP client, please consider using systemd-timesyncd instead.

systemd-timesyncd is a simple NTP client.

It has been already installed in the rootfs but when I tried to use it, the following error occurred.

So dbus package or something might need to be installed in the rootfs by adding the package name to DEBIAN_DEPENDS.


# timedatectl status

Failed to create bus connection: No such file or directory





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I'm almost done getting SSL working between the BBB and hawkbit. The last piece of the puzzle is to get NTP working on the BBB (since I need valid time to ensure that the server certificate is valid). Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time understanding the proper way to add utilities or modify configurations in Deby. It's similar enough to Yocto where I tried creating bbappend recipes and failed miserably. I stumbled upon successfully adding openssl to the rfs, but don't know why it worked. Can anybody point me to a good resource that can describe the proper Deby workflow?


As an example, I want to install NTP and then modify its configuration so that it points to the hawkbit server.




Mohammed A Billoo




Mohammed Billoo

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