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Yoshitake Kobayashi

Hi Agustin,

Here are some links for CIP presentations. Probably the following information is also a candidate contents for CIP wiki.

* Towards Sustainable Systems with the Civil Infrastructure Platform (LinuxCon NA 2016, August 2016)

* Introducing the Civil Infrastructure Platform Project (LinuxCon Japan, July 2016)

* Introducing the Civil Infrastructure Platform Project (ELC 2016, April 2016)
Note: This is the first official presentation by the CIP

The following presentation was made before the CIP launch, but it might be a good reference to know how and why we start the CIP.

* Applying the Linux to the Civil Infrastrucure (LinuxCon Japan 2015, June 2015)

* Applying Linux to the Social Infrastructure BoF (ELC 2015, Apr 2015)

* Using Embedded Linux for Infrastructure Systems (ELC Europe, October 2014)

Best regards,

On 2016/10/05 2:50, Agustin Benito Bethencourt wrote:

CIP ha set up a public wiki. It has very little content at this point and there is no policy yet to add editors. We are sorting things out.

Please take a look and let me know what can we do to improve it. we will include the link in tomorrow's presentation at LinuxCon EU.

Best Regards

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