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Thanks for getting back. I realized that the configuration of the embedded platform and Hawkbit server may be specific for the SWUpdate demo. Suzuki-san, is that correct? If so, is it OK if these parameters are in files or would you want them in a less permanent form (e.g. environment variables)? The advantage of the latter would be that if I need to change the network configuration for my own set up (since my localhost external IP is different from what's in the BBB customization), I don't have to manage two different network configurations. I can set the appropriate environment variable (for example) and the build, if set up correctly, would pick up the environment variablesĀ and configure the BBB image correctly. Is there any strong conviction for either way?


Mohammed A Billoo

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Hi Mohammed,

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> This question stems from the thread titled "The security of NTP". If we do go with NTS, it looks like we're going to need an Internet
> connection to the embedded platform. Is that acceptable? The work that I've seen so far related to CIP SWUpdate has assumed that the
> Hawkbit server is on the local network. It isn't obvious if that has been an intentional decision (due to security requirements) or just to ease
> development.

There is nothing in CIP SWUpdate that assumes the Hawkbit server is on a local network.
Perhaps the README is using a local serve for demonstration purposes?


Mohammed Billoo

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