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Chris Paterson


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On 30.07.20 11:16, Nobuhiro Iwamatsu wrote:

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Subject: CIP Patchwork

Hello all,

CIP has a Patchwork instance [0] that monitors the cip-dev mainline list for

It doesn't look like it's particularly maintained, with most patches in the
"new" state.
As a project, do we want to start maintaining Patchwork? Should we kill it
off? Or just stick with the status-quo?

We briefly discussed this in the IRC meeting today, but I thought we
should check with a wider audience before making
a decision.
Not all, I sometime checked and updated this.
There are more non-kernel patches, so I re-check this.
And I use this for patch tracking and patch appling.
Can we set filters based on common tags like "[isar-cip-core]" (which I
just forgot to use)?
I can't see any options through the gui, but perhaps there are some configuration options server-side.

Kind regards, Chris


So, any thoughts?


Kind regards, Chris
Best regards,

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