Re: [PATCH 4.19.y-cip 02/10] thermal: rcar_gen3_thermal: Remove temperature bound

Pavel Machek

On Tue 2020-08-25 14:21:48, Biju Das wrote:
From: Niklas Söderlund <niklas.soderlund+renesas@...>

commit 0f510a2457cbbba18a98492bab1bf540be57ebd1 upstream.

The hardware manual states that the operation of the sensor is not
guaranteed with temperatures above 125°C, not that the readings are
invalid. Remove the bound check and try to deliver temperature readings
even if we are outside the guaranteed operation range.
I'm tempted to ask "how was this tested?" :-).

Sometimes sensors have glitches producing very high values in normal
temperatures, and it such case clamping can be useful, but I'll assume
your sensor works ok.

Best regards,

+++ b/drivers/thermal/rcar_gen3_thermal.c
@@ -182,9 +182,7 @@ static int rcar_gen3_thermal_get_temp(void *devdata, int *temp)
mcelsius = FIXPT_TO_MCELSIUS(val);

- /* Make sure we are inside specifications */
- if ((mcelsius < MCELSIUS(-40)) || (mcelsius > MCELSIUS(125)))
- return -EIO;
+ /* Guaranteed operating range is -40C to 125C. */

/* Round value to device granularity setting */
*temp = rcar_gen3_thermal_round(mcelsius);
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