Re: Everything failed in gitlab

Nobuhiro Iwamatsu

Hi all,

This is happening not only in cip-testing (kernel test) but also in
I don't manage these runners. Has anyone changed permissions etc?

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2020年8月27日(木) 22:10 Pavel Machek <>:


Michael, Quirin, any ideas?
yes. I took a brief look at the logs and found the problem:

Aug 27 08:16:05 ip-172-20-42-140 kubelet[2152]: E0827 08:16:05.109337 2152 kuberuntime_manager.go:784] container start failed: ErrImagePull: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Error response from daemon: Get unauthorized: HTTP Basic: Access denied

=> HTTP Basic: Access denied

Please check your setup/permissions?
I believe that Chris is unavailable this week. Is there anyone else
that knows how this is supposed to work?

Best regards,

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