Re: [PATCH 4.4.y-cip 00/11] ti-cpufreq backport

Nobuhiro Iwamatsu


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This is the final part of MOXA's PM / OPP / ti-cpufreq backport series.
Part 2, which consisted of OPP / cpufreq-dt cleanups, is abandoned in
favor of directly backporting the ti-cpufreq driver.

This part includes a couple of patches to the PM / OPP subsystem to
expose required APIs, and deal with the v1/v2 mixed OPP table used
by am33xx. The rest are the backport of the ti-cpufreq driver, and
fixes for this driver. The fixes were requested by CIP kernel
maintainers as part of MOXA's previous attempt to backport ti-cpufreq.
They are included as separate patches, as there are quite a few of them
spread over multiple kernel releases.

The result is that my BeagleBone Black can run at higher speeds than
without the ti-cpufreq driver due to having a better silicon
The series looks good to me. I can apply it if it passes testing and
there are no other comments.
This patch series looks good to me too.
So, I applied and pushed.

Best regards,
Best regards,

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