Re: Project-X: Deby-based reference filesystems milestone achieved

Agustin Benito Bethencourt <agustin.benito@...>


On 07/09/17 10:43, Daniel Sangorrin wrote:
Hi all,

I just added support in Project-X for the NE0-Nano-SoC Cyclone V board using the
CIP patched kernel provided by Koguchi-san (
# Koguchi-san: thanks!

This completes the first milestone for Project-X, which added support for the Beaglebone Black,
Qemux86_64, Renesas iwg10m and NE0-Nano-SoC boards using Deby. All of them can be built with the
KAS tool ( provided by Siemens
(or alternatively with a script).

The next milestones are:
- to integrate them with B@D (I am currently working on the renesas board integration)
This will save us some time before ELCE. Thanks.

- to provide ISAR reference file systems (Jan: any plans about this? I can try but I have no experience with ISAR)


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