Re: arm64/renesas test failing for v4.19.148-cip35-rt15 (-rt64)

Pavel Machek


I got test failure when I submitted -rt branch for testing.

This seems to be "real" failure:
I re-ran the test with same sources, and failure is still there.

I tried rt+v4.19.147-cip35 -- e8bcfc1349886ef3cf6625a0bc9cd25ddf80112c
-- fails, too.

Let me try commit 1d9c4c7e291d5f49ab07402ef739f98fac6e7adb (tag:
v4.19.144-cip34). ... that one works.

To be sure, let's try older rt commit:
f15040b9d853b9cfbcdd4707d9be2593b42b000b ( v4.19.142-cip33-rt14 /
-rt63). That one works ok.

-rt63-rebase and -rt64-rebase trees have same commits on top.. in
fact, they seem to have same commits. That probably means nothing
changed in -rt. But it looks like there's commit in -stable, touching
relevant area.

commit fb3a780e7a76cf8efb055f8322ec039923cee41f
Author: Yuusuke Ashizuka <>
Date: Thu Aug 20 18:43:07 2020 +0900

ravb: Fixed to be able to unload modules

Let me investigate some more.

With no network, it is easy to understand that tests would fail.

x86_siemens, OTOH, seems to be infrastructure error
(bootloader-interrupt timed out after 599 seconds).
This one went away when I resubmitted same kernel... so lets ignore it.

Best regards,
(cesky, pictures)

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