Pending problem in v4.19.148 -- arm64/renesas test failing for v4.19.148-cip35-rt15 (-rt64)

Pavel Machek


commit fb3a780e7a76cf8efb055f8322ec039923cee41f
Author: Yuusuke Ashizuka <>
Date: Thu Aug 20 18:43:07 2020 +0900

ravb: Fixed to be able to unload modules

Let me investigate some more.
And this one seems to be responsible. I believe -cip will need to do
something with it when it tries to merge 4.19.148... I hit it early
because 4.19.147-rt is not available, so I merged 4.19.148-rt with

Fix can be as simple as reverting
fb3a780e7a76cf8efb055f8322ec039923cee41f... I'm pretty sure noone
unloads modules in production.

Best regards,
(cesky, pictures)

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