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Nobuhiro Iwamatsu

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This issue seems to occur randomly.

# cip+rt kernel

# 4.19.148+cip kernel

We may need to confirm these relationships with CIP kernel patches.

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New realtime trees should be available at

Trees are available at

And their content should be identical.
Thank you for the release.

This patch merges 4.19.148-stable into -cip-rt (because that's what
recent -rt is based on, and older -rt tree is too old). Unfortunately,
that brings regression with ethernet on Renesas Arm64 targets, which
will prevent boot, and fail tests etc.

Kernel that should work ok on Renesas Arm64 machines can be obtained
by reverting fb3a780e7a76cf8efb055f8322ec039923cee41f "ravb: Fixed to
be able to unload modules" on top of -cip-rt release.
So we're releasing a Kernel that we know doesn't boot on one of CIP's reference platforms?
Or did you already revert the above patch as part of your release?
Yes, I did that, as the changelog explains. Sorry.

I had to select from few bad options: 4.19.147-rt release is not
available and previous release is too old. So -cip-rt is based on
4.19.148-rt, and it brings in the bad commit.

I thought about reverting it for release, but all I'd get would be
rejects, as it really needs to be solved in -cip, not -cip-rt.

Proper solution is likely updating 4.19-cip to 4.19.148, first. Then
figuring out what is the clean way to solve the problem, and then
creating new -rt release. But that will likely take more than few
days, and it will end up with different release number.

I can create new -cip-rt release when that is done.

Best regards,
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