Re: Camera CSI support for IMX

Jan Kiszka

Hi Rajashree,

On 16.10.20 12:25, Rajashree Sankar wrote:
We are using Linux-CIP Kernel Version 4.19.140-cip33. We do not find IMX
files  in the Kernel supporting Camera Capture through CSI.Could you get
us  how the support can be added?
Can you be more specific about what kernel driver(s) you are missing? Is
latest 5.9 supporting this? Then please provide a reference (driver
name, DT bindings or even commit list).

Or are you referring to a feature of the vendor tree (linux-imx)? Then
please talk to NXP and ask about the status of this, if there is an
upstream equivalent by now or if this has been abandoned by them.

CIP has a strict upstream-first policy, so we can't take any downstream
patches. However, if a feature is upstream and only missed the latest
CIP kernel, you can propose backported patches for integration into that
kernel. Preconditions:

- they are not invasive to other drivers or the kernel as a whole

- you are a CIP member, or the CIP member community supports the
backport (as it may increase our workload)

Thanks and Regards,
Rajashree Sankar

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