Re: [RFC PATCH 4.19.y-cip 24/50] PCI: endpoint: Replace spinlock with mutex

Pavel Machek


commit 3d3248dbd018502f654064c78efcd2e165ab3486 upstream.

The pci_epc_ops is not intended to be invoked from interrupt context.
Hence replace spin_lock_irqsave and spin_unlock_irqrestore with
mutex_lock and mutex_unlock respectively.
Could I get some kind of explanation why this is good idea?
Apart of one mentioned above other point I would add is on a single core machine mutex_lock/unlock would be good choice.

Also to add the callbacks in controller driver might sleep. For example in raise_irq callback [1], [2].

As long as code protected by the locks does not sleep, spinlocks are
okay... (but they should not need "_irqsave" variants).

They are likely to have better performance, too, when protected code
is small and fast.
I do agree with the above two points *if the code isn't sleeping*.
Okay, we can't really protect sleeping code with a mutex.

But this one is not sleeping. It is mdelay(), not msleep().

And same here.

If there's a place which does sleep with the spinlock held, I'd still
be curious.

OTOH, 1 msec is already threshold where mutex makes sense, so... this
is okay.

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