Direct Pushes for cip-kernel-sec

Chen-Yu Tsai (Moxa) <wens@...>


After today's CIP weekly meeting, Pavel proposed the idea of skipping
merge requests for the cip-kernel-sec repository:

17:25 < pave1> wens: I see that currently merges to cip-kernel-sec are
approved, etc... which adds a delay.
17:25 < pave1> wens: Would it be possible to direct pushes, so we can
colaborate in the repository?
17:25 < wens> pave1: I don't have push access to cip-kernel-sec
17:26 < pave1> wens: Who can I talk to to get you one?
17:26 < pave1> wens: Because repository that is delayed like this... is not too
17:28 < wens> not sure who has admin access, maybe szlin would know.
17:28 < iwamatsu> wens: I can add permisson, maybe
17:28 < pave1> iwamatsu: That would be nice. cip-kernel-sec is kind of
dashboard, not a code repository.
17:28 < pave1> iwamatsu: So approving commits only delays stuff...
17:29 < wens> right, we are mostly pulling in data from other projects.
17:29 < pave1> wens: Right. Plus, you announce CVEs here, and it would be very
nice to be able to git pull and have the information available.
17:29 < wens> occasionally we have to fill in data ourselves, but maybe we
could do those separately with review, while having the automated
scripts just push directly?
17:30 < iwamatsu> wens: I just send invite.
17:30 < pave1> wens: I'd prefer not to do reviews. It is our internal status,
it does not go into product.
17:30 < wens> iwamatsu: thanks. looks like I can merge stuff now.
17:30 < pave1> wens: if we make mistake, we fix a mistake.
17:31 < pave1> iwamatsu: Thanks a lot!
17:31 < wens> pave1: so, auditing instead of reviewing
17:31 < pave1> wens: Yes, I guess.
17:32 < wens> bwh isn't around right now. we should let him know.
17:32 < pave1> Yes, I guess we need to discuss that.
17:32 < wens> I am in favor of pushing directly.
17:33 < iwamatsu> +1
17:33 < pave1> +1 :-)

Ben, could you share your thoughts on this?


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