Re: [PATCH 4.19.y-cip 1/6] PCI: rcar: Move shareable code to a common file

Pavel Machek


+int rcar_pcie_wait_for_dl(struct rcar_pcie *pcie)
+ unsigned int timeout = 10000;
+ while (timeout--) {
+ if ((rcar_pci_read_reg(pcie, PCIETSTR) & DATA_LINK_ACTIVE))
+ return 0;
+ udelay(5);
+ cpu_relax();
+ }
+ return -ETIMEDOUT;
This has same problem. Plus, I don't believe cpu_relax() is good idea
there. Relaxing CPU every 5usec will not change anything.
Agreed (as above). wrt cpu_relax() I believe this was added to improve the performance of other HW threads.
Yes, but you'd need to call it in a loop. It will be effective if done
inside udelay(), but not like this.

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