Re: Leaving Codethink and CIP

Nobuhiro Iwamatsu


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Subject: [cip-dev] Leaving Codethink and CIP

I will be leaving Codethink next month, and will no longer be working
directly on CIP. (With my Debian hat on, I may still submit merge
requests to the cip-kernel-sec repository.) My last working day here
will be 11 November.

I want to thank everyone who's worked to make super-long-term Linux
kernel maintenance possible. CIP has a great kernel team now and I'm
confident that you'll carry on doing a fine job without me.
I appreciate your letting me know about your resignation from Codethink.
I'm so grateful for your support and advice.

I believe we will meet again at the conference soon.
And wish you a happy new job.

Best regards,

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