Re: Starting testing of 5.10-stable? was Re: [cip-dev] Testing of -stable-rc fails completely

Pavel Machek


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Now... I believe we should start testing 5.10-stable trees, as we want
to maintain that tree "soon" it would be good to know how we are

I guess it will need some configs.
I can use some generic defconfigs to start if you like.
But yes, ideally we need CIP configs added to cip-kernel-config.
Perhaps an email needs to go to cip-members for this?
Starting some testing would be good; defconfigs would work. We'll need
to notify cip-members, but I assume actual replies from members will
need some time.

I believe we could just take 4.19 configs for a start.
That's one option, assuming that all relevant platforms are supported in v5.10.
They should be, thanks to our upstream-first policy.

If it helps, I believe we can create symlinks in cip-kernel-config
repository for now, so you could point testing at 5.10.y
configurations, and we would have opportunity to replace configs with
final ones as they become available.

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