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Agustin, Chris:

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Hi Daniel,

since you and Robert are doing activities that are related and need to
be done by ELCE, maybe it would be good to have a sync meeting to plan
them. I assume your request today at the TSC meeting goes in that direction.

We usually meet on Thursdays but since Robert might need some time for
"landing" it might be better to have a video chat (or a call) on Friday.
Maybe Chris and others want to join.

* What do you think?
* Which channel would you prefer?
* Which time slot have you available, considering the timezone difference?

It would be a meeting for planning the technical tasks up to ELCE.
Sorry, I'm going on holidays from Friday 6th to Monday 9th.

My main concern during the TSC meeting was that I will only have 3 days
next week (10th,11th and 13th) to integrate the Project-X LAVA demo with the latest B@D (LAVA 2017.7).
# NOTE: the week after that I will not be available, and I will not be attending ELCE this year (Hayashi-san, Deby's maintainer, will instead).
An update from Robert by e-mail on the status of LAVA 2017.7 (KernelCI is not used in the Demo) on B@D would be enough for me.
I just want to know when to start the integration.

Actually, there is a bigger problem. The physical demo requires a remote power switch and unfortunately we
haven't been able to obtain the necessary documentation for export control. For that reason, I have decided
to record it on video and prepare some slides explaining Project-X instead of showing a live demo.



Agustin Benito Bethencourt
Principal Consultant - FOSS at Codethink

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