Re: Siemens board failed to boot testing 5.10

Chris Paterson


From: Pavel Machek <pavel@...>
Sent: 26 January 2021 11:55


Something went wrong on siemens board... I'll try to resubmit the job.
It still fails. I'll
retry one more time, but this looks like permanent problem.
Do you mean the board does not come up with any job, or just with 5.10?
Doesn't it react at all (dead hw)?
I don't believe it is dead hw.

And where is this one located? We have IPC227E at Mentor and at Denx
It seems a bit random as to which tests fail.
We have three boards and most of the time they pass the 5.10 tests, but sometimes they fail.

With all three of our IPC227E boards we randomly have issues getting the serial connection to work, or sometimes another issue prevents booting.
Even our healthchecks randomly fail.
So obviously there is still some work to do to get testing on these boards to be reliable.

You can see the status of the latest tests on these devices here:

So in short
- There isn't an issue caused by a specific Kernel version
- We need to work out why the IPC227E boards aren't "stable" in our LAVA environment

Kind regards, Chris

I'm sorry, I don't know much about test infrastructure.

5.10.11-rc2 tests passed okay, but I'm not sure if it has any

Best regards,
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