Cip-kernel-sec Updates for Week of 2021-02-18

Chen-Yu Tsai (Moxa) <wens@...>

Hi everyone,

Five new issues this week:

CVE-2021-20239 [setsockopt copy_from_user error] - fixed in 5.4 and
removed from 5.10
CVE-2021-26930 [xen-blkback error handling] - PR sent
CVE-2021-26931 [xen backends: BUG_ON in error handling] - PR sent
CVE-2021-26932 [xen grant mapping error handling] - PR sent
CVE-2021-26934 [xen unsupported driver] - Xen documentation change
stating be-alloc display driver is unsupported

Linus doesn't seem to be processing PRs for the new merge window yet,
so we might have to wait a while before the Xen ones are fixed and


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