Re: Cip-kernel-sec Updates for Week of 2021-02-18

Pavel Machek


Linus doesn't seem to be processing PRs for the new merge window yet,
so we might have to wait a while before the Xen ones are fixed and
Well, Xen is not a typical thing to run on embbeded hardware, but I
did not check the configs.
I see Renesas and Siemens have it enabled. Is Xen still relevant?
Or has everyone switched over to KVM + QEMU?
Where is the mentioned kernel config located? I wasn't able to find the
correct git tree.

We already had a short internal discussion and are quite sure that we
don't need it. Just point me to the configuration. We will review again
and come up with the necessary patch to disable it.
It should be in

One example is:

If there are other options that can be disabled (maybe you don't need
CONFIG_UNIXWARE_DISKLABEL=y), that would be good to know, too.

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