Re: CIP testing and kernel maintenance report week 38 and 39

Robert Marshall <robert.marshall@...>


Agustin Benito Bethencourt <agustin.benito@...> writes:


this is a a summary of the main tasks performed by the Codethink guys
during the last couple of weeks. Due to vacations and sickness, we
have been less active than usual.

+ Week 38 and 39 2017

++ Kernel Maintenance

No significant progress.

++ CIP testing project

* A script to populate initramfs created and merged. Now initramfs is
built locally again with the new LAVA. Ben H. helped to solve this
** #111
** #136

* LAVA updated. The new release will come with 2017.7 version.
** tmp data now is cleared with the new LAVA version
*** #84
** Verbosity comes with the new LAVA version
*** #115
We should also report that #139
is preventing the provisioning of a fresh B@D instance

I've created a branch
which enables provisioning but still requires some manual intervention
to get a fully working box


+++ Other minor accomplishments

* Added to known issues the health check 30 seconds waste
** #56

* Support request solved. #129
** Link:

* Identified a link on the LAVA page that needs to be changed
** #133

++ Other tasks

* CIP workshop at ELCE
** Call for participation for the B@D 101 training session published.
** Material and set up required for the training session confirmed and
discussed with the Linux Foundation.

* Y2038 meeting at ELCE confirmed.
** Call for topics among CIP members sent.
** Some CIP Members has confirmed their presence. More to come.

Best Regards

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