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Nobuhiro Iwamatsu


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Chris pointed out our master branch at is rather old:

master CIP: Bump version suffix to -cip28 after Renesas patches Ben Hutchings 2 years

Master branch is really not too applicable for our workflow. Yes, 2
years old version of 4.4 looks out of place.

I see these options:

1) leave it alone. (+) It is quite obvious development is not
happening there (-) It looks strange.

2) delete it. (-) I'm not sure that is possible or what problems it
might cause.

3) update it to Linus' 5.12-rc1 and keep it updated. (-) Extra work to
keep it updated, (-) we don't really do anything with mainline commits
newer than 5.10

4) update it to Linus' 5.10, and only touch it when the linux-5.21-cip
is branched out.

Any other ideas?

My preference would be (1) and (4).
I want to choose 1 or 3.
We have multiple release branches, so setting the branch that manages a particular version to
the master branch can be a bit confusing. How about managing a branch similar to LTS tree?

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