Re: [Feedback Requested] RE: Cip-kernel-sec Updates for Week of 2021-03-18

Nobuhiro Iwamatsu

Hi all,

On Fri, Mar 19, 2021 at 04:05:32PM +0900, masashi.kudo@... wrote:
Hi, Mnda-san,

Thanks for your confirmation!


Could you remove "plathome_obsvx1.config" itself, please?
Sure. I removed plathome_obsvx1.config from repository.

Best regards,

Best regards,
M. Kudo

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Hi, Kudo-san, CIP kernel members,

On 2021/03/18 18:33, masashi.kudo@... wrote:
- CVE-2020-35519 is relating to X.25.
X.25 is enabled as follows, but we wonder whether X.25 is really used or not.
This configuration, "plathome_obsvx1.config" is for the OpenBlocks IoT VX1. VX1
is the predecessor to VX2 and we do not currently support VX1. Also, VX2 has
been the reference hardware for the CIP since the 4.19 kernel.

Therefore, I think "plathome_obsvx1.config" should be removed from the CIP
kernel configuration.

By the way, VX1 has almost the same hardware configuration as VX2, so the
kernel for VX2 will work as is.

Best Regards,

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