Cip-kernel-sec Updates for Week of 2021-04-08

Chen-Yu Tsai (Moxa) <wens@...>

Hi everyone,

Eight new issues this week:

- CVE-2020-36310 [x86/kvm: svm: infinite loop] - fixed
auto-backport failed.
- CVE-2020-36311 [x86/kvm: svm: sev: softhang] - fixed (ignore for CIP)
- CVE-2020-36312 [kvm: mem leak] - fixed
- CVE-2020-36313 [kvm: out-of-bounds access] - fixed
- CVE-2021-29657 [x86/kvm: svm: data race] - fixed
- CVE-2021-30002 [media/v4l2: ioctl mem leak] - fixed
- CVE-2021-30178 [x86/kvm: hyperv: NULL ptr deref] - fixed
- CVE-2021-3483 [firewire: nosy: UAF] - fixed (ignore for CIP) - fixed

No updates on CVE-2021-3444, CVE-2021-20292 or CVE-2021-29650 from
previous weeks.


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