Kselftest implementation

Alice Ferrazzi

Hi everyone,

I'm Alice Ferrazzi from Cybertrust Japan.
I'm currently working on adding Kselftest to the current CIP CI tests of linux-cip Kernel

I made and tested kselftest on a testing instance of lava, currently tested only on qemu x86_64
I implemented a simple skiplist in the kselftest envelope for skipping tests that are currently not working.
The usage is similar to how spectre-meltdown-checker-test is currently working.

My idea is to start implementing kselftest tests for at least qemu x86_64 architecture and expand in the future to other architectures.
As Iwamatsu-san pointed, we need also to create kselftest binary.
I'm currently thinking of implementing kselftest binary creation mechanism on linux-cip-ci kernel build script but I still didn't start to work on this yet.

Kselftest test code:

linux-cip Kernel Kselftest implementation (currently in draft):

Cybertrust Japan Co.,Ltd.
Alice Ferrazzi

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