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Chris Paterson

Hello Alice,

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Hi everyone,

I'm Alice Ferrazzi from Cybertrust Japan.

I'm currently working on adding Kselftest to the current CIP CI tests of linux-
cip Kernel
Thank you for your work on this!

I made and tested kselftest on a testing instance of lava, currently tested
only on qemu x86_64
If you'd like to test on a wider range of platforms then get in touch and we'll get you access to the CIP LAVA instance.

I implemented a simple skiplist in the kselftest envelope for skipping tests
that are currently not working.
The usage is similar to how spectre-meltdown-checker-test is currently

Raw log:
Results list:
It looks like a great start.

My idea is to start implementing kselftest tests for at least qemu x86_64
architecture and expand in the future to other architectures.
As Iwamatsu-san pointed, we need also to create kselftest binary.

I'm currently thinking of implementing kselftest binary creation mechanism
on linux-cip-ci kernel build script but I still didn't start to work on this yet.

Kselftest test code:
Is there any work we can leverage from the Linaro test-definitions repo?

KernelCI also recently implemented kselftest support if that's useful at all, this'll include the build side of things.

linux-cip Kernel Kselftest implementation (currently in draft):
Please assign the MR to me when you're ready for it to be reviewed, or if you need any help.

Also let me know if you want write access to the linux-cip-ci repo.
If you push your branch to our repo directly the CI will be able to run, making it easier for you to test.

Kind regards, Chris


Cybertrust Japan Co.,Ltd.
Alice Ferrazzi
alice.ferrazzi@... <mailto:alice.ferrazzi@...>

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