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Hi Daniel,

once you want to release Project-X, besides moving the gitlab project
away from cip-playground, remember that you need to move the content to
the CIP wiki. We are not using the gitlab wiki in order to keep the
content in a central place.

You can tell gitlab to use an external wiki URL (specific page) in the
settings section of your project so the wiki tab, when clicked, will
point to the CIP wiki.

The current content won't be erased but it won't be reachable unless you
disable the external link option back again.

Feel free to ask you you have any question about it.
Thanks, I have moved the repository and the wiki page.
By the way, I upload by mistake one image into the civilinfrastructureplatform:cip-core namespace
but I didn't know how to delete it.
I do not have permissions to erase media nor wiki pages either.



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