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Fantastic news!  Well done, team!!

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On Wed, Oct 18, 2017 at 5:24 AM, Agustin Benito Bethencourt <agustin.benito@...> wrote:
Dear CIP friends,

CIP is happy to announce the release of a new CIP kernel (v4.4.92-cip11) together with a new version of the testing environment B@D v1.0

++ CIP kernel v4.4.92-cip11

The Civil Infrastructure Platform project[1], a Linux Foundation Initiative, is happy to announce the publication of a new version of the CIP Kernel, based on 4.4 LTS, labelled as v4.4.92-cip11.

Ben Hutchings, the CIP kernel maintainer, has merged changes from the stable 4.4.y branch up to v4.4.92. He has also added a few further fixes and tagged the result as v4.4.92-cip11[2].

The main changes since the last announced update are:

 * Many fixes from 4.4.y, including security fixes for:
  CVE-2017-9984 CVE-2017-9985 CVE-2017-11600 CVE-2017-12134
  CVE-2017-12153 CVE-2017-12154 CVE-2017-12192 CVE-2017-14051
  CVE-2017-14106 CVE-2017-14140 CVE-2017-14156 CVE-2017-14340
  CVE-2017-14489 CVE-2017-14991 CVE-2017-15537 CVE-2017-1000251
 * Fixes for some regressions Ben Hutchings found when reviewing the above changes.
 * Support for the Renesas RZ/G1M SoC and the iWave RZG1M Qseven SOM
 * Support for the Siemens IOT2040 board
 * Support for EFI capsules, including the variant used for the Intel Quark SoC


++ Board At Desk (B@D) v1.0

The Civil Infrastructure Platform project[1], a Linux Foundation Initiative, is happy to announce the publication of a new version of Board At Desk v1.0, a customised and easy to deploy instance of the[2] and LAVA[3] projects that should allow developers to test Linux kernels on boards connected to their own development machines using the tooling provided by one of the most successful Open Source testing projects.

Board at Desk (B@D) v1.0 is provided in two forms:
  * As a vagrant VM recipe.
  * As a VM image, widely called a "B@D box".

Please visit the CIP Testing project Download page[4] to download the latest Board At Desk (B@D v1.0).

Some of the most important new features shipped[5] with this B@D v1.0 are:
  * LAVA has been updated to 2017.7 version which will allow in the future significant improvements in the reporting area, among others.
  * B@D now works on Windows 10 as Host OS which increases the number of potential users, including engineers from several CIP Members..
  * B@D now works behind a webproxy which is a common use case among CIP Members.
  * initramfs is now built locally, increasing reliability and opening the door to use B@D in the future to test the CIP core system, not just the CIP Kernel.

In addition to the above, other features has been added and several bugs has been fixed, making Board at Desk more robust and reliable than before. Further information about this new Board At Desk (B@D v1.0) version can be found at the B@D Feature Page[5].

With this release, the CIP Testing Project covers a key milestone which is releasing a working testing tool to be used locally by kernel developers from any CIP Member. In the current strategy, the following key milestone refers to setting up the conditions and technical measures that would allow all those developers to share and analyse the test results at any point in time within a fully distributed environment. This version of B@D includes some initial steps towards achieving that goal.

Find more information about B@D v1.0 reading the web release announcement:

If you are interested in testing kernels using Board at Desk, meet the developers at the cip-dev mailing list[6]. If you find bugs in KernelCI or LAVAv2 themselves, please report them upstream. If you find them in the configuration or any of the previously described features, please report them in the CIP-testing bug tracker[7]. More general information about the CIP testing project can be found in the CIP wiki[8].


Best Regards
Agustin Benito Bethencourt
Principal Consultant - FOSS at Codethink
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