Safety-Critical Linux & Invitation to Project Management Meeting

Lukas Bulwahn <Lukas.Bulwahn@...>

Dear all,

As electronic follow-up to the today's CIP meeting, here a bit more information. I only sketched the presentation that I will give on Tuesday at ELCE and the slides can be found here:

I hereby invite everyone to our project management meeting; you are free to distribute this invitation to any other company that is interested in Safety-Critical Linux. There is a technical hands-on workshop on December 5th to 7th, where we will apply and investigate further quality assurance activities. I will clarify with the current members if we accept to invite interested people to this workshop on a single free-trial-basis. Once this is clarified, I will let you know and invite you this meeting as well.

The SIL2LinuxMP Safety-Critical Linux project management meeting is planned on:

Date: Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 9:00 to 17:00
Location: BMW Car IT GmbH, Moosacher Stra├če 86, 80809 Munich, Germany

Please write me an email if you are interested to join.

If needed, we can setup an online meeting for remote participation. Please contact me for the online meeting so that I can send you the online meeting information.

The currently planned agenda roughly is:

Continuation of Safety Critical Linux activities in a third phase
- Third phase of SIL2LinuxMP project
- Letter of Intent
- Current Interest for continuation by existing members
- Current Interest of new members
- Goals, Activities and Risks for third phase of SIL2LinuxMP project
- Dissemination of Safety Critical Linux in 2018:
Possible organisation of new members and working groups, Dissemination of project results
- Decision on Hardware Selection

Please prepare a set of questions that are important for you to be answered for the continuation or joining as new member. If you can send them to me beforehand, I can send you the answers if it is already decided and available. Furthermore, I can consolidate the open questions for the meeting and already collect possible answers on them or provide a set on possible alternatives to be discussed.

Nevertheless, we do not expect to have much time for detailed technical discussions (e.g., discussion on hardware options). Hence, if there is need to clarify some technical questions, we can set up some online meetings until November 8th, 2017. In that case, please also let me know which technical questions in the project are unclear to you.

Best regards,


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