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Hello Chris,

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Hello Daniel,

Thank you for the update.

- modules.tgz is not generated for iwg20m (for bbb it is): I have to investigate
why but I think it is not a big problem since they are included in the file
system images. Probably the reason is just that shmobile_defconfig has
modules disabled.
Correct :)
I have noticed that the shmobile_defconfig from the official linux-cip repo
is quite different from the one at

Previously I tested the official kernel using a ramdisk and it was successful so
I didn't notice the difference. But today I've tried to boot the official kernel
with the SD Card file system and it didn't work.

One problem was that EXT3/4 wasn't enabled. I decided to use renesas-cip's
shmobile_defconfig to build the official linux-cip kernel. However, I got a build
error because
references a firmware called "r8a779x_usb3_v1.dlmem" which wasn't available
on the official kernel. I could solve that either by copying the firmware from renesas-cip
or by commenting out the corresponding configuration flags.

I managed to build the official kernel but still I couldn't get it to boot from the SD Card.
# By the way, I noticed that the mmc numbering also changed (mmcblk0p2 was working
on renesas-cip kernel as the 2nd partition of the SD Card, but for the official kernel that
was a partition on the eMMC and the kernel could not recognize mmcblk2p2).

I wonder if this problem comes from the device tree. On the renesas-cip repository
there was a r8a7743-iwgm.dts file that worked fine, but on the official repository
the one with the closest name was r8a7743-iwg20d-q7.dts. This one worked fine
when I boot from a ramdisk but not when I boot from the SD Card.

Should I use renesas-cip kernel again?
I noticed that the new versions are been merged. I was using renesas-cip's v4.4.69-cip4
but I can see a newer branch called v4.4.83-cip8


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