Invitation to Safety-Critical Linux Technical Workshop (was: Safety-Critical Linux & Invitation to Project Management Meeting)

Lukas Bulwahn <Lukas.Bulwahn@...>

Dear all,

As announced on Sunday, people interested in Safety-Critical Linux from the project management perspective are already invited to the SIL2LinuxMP project meeting on November 8th. If you are interested to understand the technical activities that we already started and would like to continue to pursue (hopefully in collaboration with the CIP project), I would also like to invite the CIP members and all your friends to our next technical hands-on workshop. We will provide those guests access to the presentations shown and the artefacts & documents that are needed for their activity during the workshop.

This offer is going to be limited to a single workshop. For participation in any further follow-up activities, we really want to have you officially join the Safety-Critical Working Group.

The technical hands-on workshop will take place:

Date: Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 to Thursday, December 7th, 2017
Location: BMW Car IT GmbH, Moosacher Straße 86, 80809 Munich, Germany

For accommodation, here are three hotels very close to our offices (about 50-100 meters):

- Leonardo Royal Hotel Munich,, Moosacher Straße 90, 80809 Munich, Germany
- Hotel Adagio access München City Olympiapark,, Am Oberwiesenfeld 20, 80809 Munich, Germany
- Hotel ibis budget München City Olympiapark,, Am Oberwiesenfeld 22, 80809 Munich, Germany

Here is a further pointer how to reach us by car and public transportation:

The workshop will have a short general assembly with an introduction for new collaborators, and then we will again split into working groups and the groups will start working on the selected topics.

Currently, we foresee these to continue and/or initialize on the most interesting selection of the following topics:

- Static Analysis of Linux Kernel: Combining Coccinelle and Patch Impact Tester
- Symbolic Execution with KLEE and S2E (
- Linux Test Project and openPOSIX test suite
- Root Cause Analysis of Kernel Bugs
- Software Layer of Protection Analysis
- Linux Driver Verification (if Alexey Khoroshilov can join the workshop)

We do not expect to have many more talks on the different topics, but we will rather work on the different topics, produce some initial/intermediate results (learning-by-doing), and exchange our findings in short presentations.

Best regards,


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